Tiens Social Responsibility

As the trusted corporate citizen, TIENS has experienced grave situations, and adhered to a philosophy of corporate social responsibility. Contributing to the Society through Harvesting orientated as the corporate charitable philosophy, TIENS is dedicated to the development of social charities both in China and in the world. From focusing on disadvantaged groups and assisting the education to protecting the environment and relieving the poor, TIENS has attempted to make a contribution to the harmonious development of international society.


In 1998 TIENS donated RMB 22 million to the people in the disaster area of Yangtze River and Songhua River.


May 2002 TIENS donated 100 million Rupiah to Indonesian SOS Children Villages for the development of local SOS Children Villages.


June 2002 TIENS donated to Ghana Children's Fund.


When the epidemic SARS prevailed in the spring of 2003, TIENS donated RMB 3 million and healthcare products valued at RMB 42 million in China.


July 2004 TIENS donated RMB 3.5 million to Tianjin Municipal Children's Art Theater for supporting children's art.


May 2005, TIENS donated RMB 10 million to the Chinese Red Cross Society to found TIENS Charity Fund, and launch TIENS Education Assistance Program and TIENS Western China Talent Cultivation Program to improve school conditions, promote the development of primary education in the poverty-stricken and minority areas, and assist school leavers.


During 2004 to 2006, TIENS has continued to support in alleviating the destitute aged in the country.


May 2008, TIENS South Africa donated US$10,000 to help people affected by the 12 May 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China.


November 2009, TIENS South Africa has donated R250,000 worth of healthcare products to Ikageng Aids Ministry towards the support of orphaned and vulnerable children as a result of HIV/AIDS in Soweto.


















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