On March 20, "The Third China Credible Health Care Products and Brands Selection Activity" organized by China Health Care Association was held at the Great Hall of the People. During the activity, TIENS "Nutritious Rich-Calcium Soluble Granuules","CordycepsSinensis Capsule", "Weikang Soft Capsule", "Chitin Capsule" and other five products won the honor of "100 Credible Health Care Products in China", and TIENS won the title of "Top 10 Credible Health Care Brand in China in the Third Session". Tiens Group has won the award for several consecutive years, which proves that customers recognize and trust TIENS products.

China Healthcare Association opened its second Top China Healthcare Brands award nomination night on March 12th in Beijing in all pomp and grandeur. Tiens bagged 4 "Top 50 Most Trusted Healthcare Products" awards with Tiens Hi-Calcium, Tiens Cordycep Capsules, Tiens Chitosan Capsules and Tiens Slimming Tea plus the prestigious "Top 10 Most Trusted Brands" award. Tiens has been a big winner for the second year running, a proof of its market leadership as a manufacturer and exporter in healthcare business.

On February 29th Tiens Biological Development Co Ltd, Tianjin was awarded the QS certificates (manufacturing approval) for Tiens White Coffee (solid drink) and Tiens Hi-Calcium Milk Powder(dairy product). Both certificates will expire on February 18th 2011.

TIENS Zinc Capsules produced by Tianjin TianshiBioEngineering Co., Ltd. has been honored as "Tianjin Branded Product" for a period of 3 years. This is recognition for Tiens Brands as well as the continuous improvement of quality management of Tiens Group. Zinc Capsules is mainly made of zinc lactate and glucose with high absorption rate. It replenishes the daily requirement of zinc of the body effectively.

TIENS was named "China Top 10 Credit Brands of Healthcare Product"

In November, the TIENS Group was issued Muslim certificates of approval on 57 products, 31 of which were newly certified. TIENS was awarded Halal registration for the first time, which created a foundation for TIENS products in Muslim market.

In April, the TIENS series of healthcare products was named "2005 Recommended Brand of Hubei Province" by the Hubei Consumer Council.

In March, the TIENS series of cosmetics was voted by consumers the "2004 Most Favorable Cosmetics Brands" conducted by the Chamber of Beauty Culture & Cosmetics of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, China Foundation of Consumer Protection, the Most Favorable Cosmetics Brands Survey Office.

On January 21, the result of voting for the "China Famous Healthcare Brand" was announced in the Great Hall of the People. TIENS' Tianshi Nutrient Super Calcium Powder for Children was named "China Famous Healthcare Brand".

On January 18, the China National Light Industry Council issued the Best of Innovations Award to TIENS Ginseng Multi-vitamin Whitening series and TIENS Moisturizing series.

On October 27, TIENS Metabolic Balance Capsules was named "Top 10 Healthcare Products" at the Fourth China International Healthcare Fair.

On October 4, the Ministry of Health of Romania granted a Special Award to the TIENS Healthcare Food Group.

China Association for Quality Inspection named TIENS Group the "Enterprise of Product Quality Assurance and After-service Guarantee".

The Purchase Editing Committee of China Famous Brands for Women & Children named TIENS healthcare products the "China Famous Brand of Women & Children Products".

The US Council of International Quality Authentication recommended TIENS Chitosan Capsules as a High-quality Product.

The USA-Asia Economics Trade Cooperation Committee identified TIENS Chitosan Capsules as one of the Recommended Products for International Trade.

The Los Angeles Chinese Products Exhibition Center recommended TIENS Chitosan Capsules as Participation Brand for International Communication and Exhibition.

The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Association Technologie Nouvelle De France (ATN) named three TIENS products, Grape Extract Capsules, Cordyceps Capsules and Spirulina Capsules, as Products Recommended to the EEC.

The World Promotion Association of the United Nations granted TIENS products the status of official products of UN.

TIENS series healthcare products were named the Exclusive Official Healthcare Product of the Third National Special Olympics.

TIENS products won the Golden Award of Medical Oncology at the 2002 Almahid International New Industrial Technology Expo.

TIENS healthcare products were named the Exclusive Official Healthcare Product of the Tianjin International Comic Arts Festival.

TIENS Grape Extract Capsules were named the "Top10 Healthcare Products" at the Second China International Healthcare Far.

TIENS healthcare products were named the "Best Healthcare Food for Aviators and Astronauts" by the International Academy of Human Problems in Aviation and Astronautics.

TIENS Slimming Tea was named the Recommended Product of the "Prior Brand of the 21st Century Health Family" campaign.

Tianshi Nutrient Super Calcium Powder won the Golden Award at the Fifth China International Healthcare Products Fair.

TIENS Grape Extract Capsules won the Golden Award of the Second China New Medicine, Specific Medicine and Healthcare Products Fair.

TIENS healthcare products were named the Exclusive Official Healthcare Product of the World Gymnastics Championship.

Tianshi Nutrient Super Calcium Powder won the Golden Award of the Fifth China International Healthcare Expo.

Tianshi Nutrient Super Calcium product series was named the Recommended Product of the China Foundation of Consumer Protection.

Tianshi Nutrient Super Calcium Powder won the Healthcare Golden Award of the World Collaboration Conference of Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Investors held in New York, USA.

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